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In 2010 the idea of creating a maze in the horse paddock was born. After much research a pattern was agreed upon. First came accurate pegging out of the pattern followed by gravelling of 1 km of winding paths and finally the hand planting of more than 1000 Leighton Green conifer trees.


Early years saw problems with rabbits eating the young trees, the solution was to erect the "great rabbit proof fence".

Brookfield Maze is one of the largest hedge mazes in Australia. A traditional puzzle maze, the object being to find the centre where there is a viewing platform.


Along the way, hunt for hidden Koalas and four number clues which add up to the number of trees used to plant the maze.


Brookfield's extensive landscaped gardens

include an ancient labyrinth, bocce, pentanque piste, giant chess, checkers and a creek walk.

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Great fun for all the family

The Maze story

The trees flourished in the rich fertile soil of the Fifteen Mile Creek valley watered by a deep bore.


The extensive garden features a circular rose garden whose perfume surrounds you as you wander the wide grassy paths past perennials, lavenders, flowering shrubs and spring bulbs.






Due to the Governments

Precautionary approach


Brookfield Maze will be CLOSED until further notice



Brookfield Guest House accommodation will remain OPEN.