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Can I BYO food, drinks, alcohol or a Picnic ?

Unfortunately, NO. Brookfield is delighted to bring you an amazing experience filled with great food, drinks and local wines and great fun for all ages. You may not be aware that Insurance, Policy and Government regulation regulate how we operate our business. Brookfield is strictly a NO BYO anything venue. Please consider that your actions could mean Brookfield is fined  $18,000.


Do I need to purchase an entry ticket for the outdoor gardens if i am not going into the Maze?

Yes. In addition to one of Australia’s largest Hedge Mazes there are also extensive gardens, bocce, giant chess, a brick labyrinth and a creek walk. These areas require ongoing maintenance to keep them in a pristine condition and a portion of your entry fee goes to the ongoing maintenance of this beautiful venue.


Do I need to purchase an entry ticket for the outdoor eating area if i am not going into the Maze?

Yes. The outdoor eating area, Maze, gardens and games area are all included in the one entry price.

The front court yard is available for patrons who do not wish to purchase a ticket.


Is there free water?

Yes. Please ask staff for table water sourced from our rain water tank.


Is this a smoke free location?

Yes. Government Legislation and Brookfield’s Safety policy means there is NO smoking on site.

There is an ash tray located in the car park. The consequences of your butt starting a fire in the maze would be devestating to our visitors and our business so please dont smoke. We already have had one person start a small fire onsite with a cigarett butt. Please dont smoke.


Can I bring my dog?

Strictly No. Please leave your furry friends at home. Assistance dogs are permitted. There is a water tap and shade under the large sign in the car park entry. Dogs must remain in the carpark until you leave the grounds. We have found that dogs behave uncharacteristiclly when in unfamiliar territory.


Can I take food and drinks into the Hedge Maze ?

No. Strictly no food, drink or alcohol are allowed in the Maze.  Our Liquor licence prohibits consumption of alcohol within the actual hedge Maze. There is an $18,000 fine. Alcohol may be consumed in the outdoor dining area or within the Cafe. Strictly No BYO alcohol.

Can I take short cuts by pushing though hedges ?

NO.  PLEASE stick to the paths and don’t push through hedges. We have been getting broken branches which will never regrow, leaving holes in the hedge. On average it takes 20-30 minutes to find the center of the Maze. Please consider the enjoyment of everyone and the longevity of the maze and stay on the paths.

Is there mobile phone coverage ?

Yes, we are very lucky to have Telstra mobile phone coverage under the governments black spot program. No access to Optus or any other carrier. If you are traveling to Brookfield or the King valley and you use Optus, consider buying a cheap prepaid sim card on the Telstra network for the duration of your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions